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el gordo 2017 - 22nd December
ElGordo Single Line
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Thursday 22 Dec at 23:00 ESP
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The local tax regulations in El Gordo participating countries will apply and may vary from country to country.)
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About El Gordo

Spain’s Lotería de Navidad Draw (the Christmas Lottery, also known as ‘El Gordo’, or ‘The Fat One’) takes place on the 22nd December 2016, and is, for many, one of the traditional highlights of the Spanish festive season.

In terms of total prize pool, the Christmas Lottery is the biggest in the world, bar none, and this year the local draw guarantees hundreds of new millionaires across Spain will be made!

At World Lottery Club, this year we’re giving you the chance to grab your share, too.

Operating in a format closer to a raffle than a regular lottery, El Gordo draws random five-digit numbers from a range of 00000 to 99999. Much like a raffle or lottery, the aim is to match the numbers drawn, with prizes awarded based on the order, position, and total matched.

To take part, select the share you’d like to purchase using the dropdown menu. This can be 1/100th, 1/20th, or 1/10th of each five-digit number’s potential winnings. A larger share means a larger potential win should you be lucky enough to have your numbers drawn.

The amount paid for each prize depends on the official prize breakdown announced by the Spanish Lottery operator, Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, for the draw.

Results can be checked after the draw here on the World Lottery Club website or independently online, and we’ll let you know about any winnings by email. You can also check your numbers by signing into your player account.

Jackpot structure


Playing the Spanish El Gordo Christmas Lottery is easy. Match your lucky numbers to those drawn and you could win a share of the biggest lottery prize fund in the world!

Number selection

To take part in the El Gordo Christmas Lottery, select your five-digit number by clicking the Lucky Pick button. Next, you just need to choose the size of the share you’d like to purchase, from 1/100th of a share upwards! Any winnings will be divided by the size of the share you purchase. The bigger the share, the bigger your potential win!

Draw Dates

The spectacular Spanish El Gordo Christmas Lottery traditionally comes only once a year. In 2016, the draw takes place on Thursday, 22nd December. Join the millions of households across Spain in grabbing a chance to scoop a share of some huge cash prizes!

Jackpot on offer

In terms of total prizes paid out, lotteries don’t come any bigger than this. With a staggering total prize pool of over 2.3 BILLION EUROS, and hundreds of individual millionaires to be made, the Spanish Christmas Lottery could make this Christmas even more special than the rest!